Purple wrong firmware update (WD10PURX)

So, today I did a really dumb thing:

I updated my WD10PURX using the tool from this link: https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=201&

I know - stupidest thing to do. I did not read that it was only for REDs -.-’

Anyway, I executed the command “wd5741.exe -?” to see what my options are.
After that I did “wd5741.exe -dall” as it was explained to “Update all applicable drives”.
And after that it updated my WD10PURX firware successfully.

It was only after the update that I read that it was meant only for RED drives.

I rebooted the PC a few times to see if the drive still works - and it does.

Is there any way to revert to the stock firmware? Should I be worried? Any help appreciated.

Hello 0v3rl0rd,

We strictly recommend our customer not to attempt to run this software on any hard drives other than the RED drives and we don’t have any stock firmware available for your WD10PURX.

It’s great to know the drive is still working fine however doing so may damage the hard drive beyond repair and your data may be lost. I would recommend you to backup your data on a different location.

As I said - I didn’t read that it was meant only for REDs - my mistake.

Now that the firmware is updated, and that the drive is working: is there any tool I can run to see if everything is alright with the drive?

Hello 0v3rl0rd,

You can test your drive using Data LifeGuard Diagnostics:

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