Re: Lost 2 HDD at almost the same time (within 8 seconds of each other) then the Fan failed

Hi All,

I am also suffering with WDSharespace wich reported “FAN UNIT Issue” and “Sensor Error”.

I beleived that “PUT YOUR LIFE ON IT” was  really a bold statement and I did.

Now all my data ( The key for my career) is in grave danger. I am moving them bit by bit at a very slow rate.


And the support is not so effective here in Middle East and its really a sad situation.

I thought to buy another one more WD-Sharespace but I can bet on My World Edition-II.

I am really disappointed for the first time for a WD Product.

The manufacturing quality is not up to the mark of WD’s reputation.


To me this doesn’t sound like an issue with the manufacturing of the drive, but an issue with the power to the drive. Are you using the power adapter that came with the unit? If so have you tried plugging it into another location? Also did you try emailing support about the issue? They may have some other things to try that I can’t think of at the moment.