ShareSpace - 4TB -FIXED

My ShareSpace - 4x1Tb - got bricked by repeated power failures. I have retrieved my data (thanks to a friend and some community help). Unfortunately my system partition (MD0) got lost.

I have used the R-Studio for retrieving my data.

Afterwards wrote some 0000 at the start of each HDD (as per the advice of the community).

Placing the drives back in the ShareSpace box and powering it up it mounted the in-build flash with the firmware and stated rebuilding the SS-Box as per the factory defaults (as if just taken out of the box). Its going to take some long hours (say 40-50 hours) but hopefully this will be the end of my misery.

Be safe and back-up all your valuable data!

Hello TodyP,

Are you able to give us an update? what happened to your drive?

As I have written I initiated a full factory defaults reset by zeroing a few blocks at the beginning of each HDD.

It took some time (20-30 hours) to finish but it did finish successfully.

On the fresh build device I did an automatic (via the web GUI) firmware update to the latest version.

Now I am transferring my data back from the backup.

Once again THANKS to all who have shared their experience in fixing a crashed or bricked WD SS in the Community forum - it was very helpful and saved my day :smiley: