Dear WD,

I’ve been a long time supporter of your products, I’m pretty sure every hard drive in my home is a WD, and I’ve never had a single one crash on me. That’s a testament to your products. Congrats. Unfortunately I was unlucky enough to purchase a My Book World Edition II (4TB) from a store that does not accept returns. In the past 2 years I’ve been unable to successfully creat a single backup without it locking up on me (most likely due to the large file sizes I’m trying to save). I’ve swapped it out for replacement units with no improvement, I’ve updated the firmware a half dozen times and that has done nothing. This is hands down the single worst piece of consumer electronics I’ve ever owned. So bad in fact that I’m done with your company for good. All that good will destroyed with a single purchase, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. To the engineers who work on this product, I’m embarrassed for you. As a computer engineer I would be truly mortified if a product of mine was on the market in such horrible disarray. How long does it take for you to get your acts together? This is a fixable issue. I don’t mind the fact that I bought a broken product, but I hate the fact that you’ve left it that way. Good bye & good luck, T

Did you tried to contact tech support?

Went down that path, the only thing to come of it was a suggestion to back up files < 500MB . Which is totally unreasonable.

I get your pain and Im with you now.
I have been fighting with 2 x MBWE II (6gb) on/off for a year now where it simply dies on me all the time when I transfere files.

Yesterday I got so sick and tired of the situation that I did the following :
* Turned off MioNet - but found out that it might not be turned off after all
* Then I followed the instruction here
Result : One got Bricked, but the other has run since last night non stop and I have succesfully transfered a file of 300 GB.
It takes forever because of the VERY slow transfer rate MBWE II has, but it acually seems to work … at least for one.
I also gave it a static IP both in the Router and MBWE as I read somewhere that it could help.

The 2 disks from the MBWE that got Bricked are now in a Synology and a NetGear NAS. Both hardware have never given be pain whatsoever. The empty MBWE plactic box now served as a trach can and a friendly “reminded” next time I feel the urge to buy WD :slight_smile:

it is stunning that WD gives the forum so little attention or are able to help users or support them in any way.
Thanks to  those who did and I hope this has saved … at least 50% of my investment.

Were these drives Raid 0? I have a problem in that I cannot see the drive on my home network anymore. I want to move them into another housing and download all of my data. Hopefully it isn’t lost. Any suggestions?