Re: Latest Update on WDTV HD Media Player

Last update for Gen1 looks like the “last update”.  So all us Gen1 owners are abandoned?  I don’t mind converting audio from DTS to AC3 but you’d think they’d at least improve subtitle support.  About the only format I know will work is external .srt files.  I like that it plays HD res divx, but it would be much better if it could handle subs as added by AviAddXSubs.  The subtitles with external .srt files are small with not much border, even when all the settings are set to the max.  If I have to burn hard subs into the video then I’m reencoding hidef stuff.  Avoiding reencoding is the main reason for buying this player.

c’mon guys… cut us some slack.

I personally believe there will be no more updates for the Gen1. They’ve release for the mini now, they’ve released many for the Live, and they’ve hinted at releasing more for the Gen2, but are mum on anything about the Gen1. Like I’ve said in other posts, this really is a slap in the face to all of the Gen1 buyers that suggested so many ideas that turned into the other devices.

In a few months, there’ll be quite a few more devices that compete with WDTVs. Syabas Popbox, Boxee Box, D-Link Pebble, many DVD players now have these features included… I’m sure there are more but this might be something you look into. It’s probably best to wait for some reviews though.

One of the features I’m going to look for in the next box is USB 3.0 support.  I recently installed a USB 3.0 card in my quad core.  I can read from a USB 3.0 docking station with a Caviar Black 640 GB(the new model with 64 MB cache) at about 138 MB/sec as opposed to USB 2.0 docks at about 24 MB/sec.  That in itself should kill off a lot of audio sync issues caused by hitting Fast Forward(at least I would hope so.)

It’s a shame because I like the player.  But when I tell other people about the 1st generation being abandoned that’s the end of the discussion.  They don’t want to think about supporting such policies.