RAW-files with the wireless pro

I just bought wireless pro i order to make my photowork more flexible. I was thinking since the wireless pro can stream pictures and movies to ipad or iphone, i could be able to go through my raw images in my ipad before i come home. I thought that this would be fantastic and would save a lot of time for me since i then could have the opportunity to delete files i didn´t want in the field.

BUT…my cloud can´t read rawfiles!!! 2017!!!

Then i was thinking…PLEX maybe has support for raw images. Yes it has BUT…it has to download the files in order to make them viewable. So I have to have internet in the field and the time to let PLEX download 32 gigabytes before i can view my files

Solution please!!!

I’m not understanding what you mean. Are you uploading the image files to the Wireless Pro and then trying to read them from your iPad/iPhone? Cause you will need a photo software that can handle the file extension to read the “raw” files.

I have downloaded the WD-app my cloud on my Ipad. Inside the app i can view my jpg but the app has no support for raw-images.

Look at this article. It tells you which photo files are supported on the My Cloud App.

OK. Thanks. How can i acces my rawphotos in the field? Do you know any apps that kan view images and connect to the wireless pro? I Was told that this was the choice for pro- phototographers. Now when i sit here and try to figure this out it more seems like a gadget for my kids and their movies when we don´t have an internet connection. The list over supported videoformats is a little bit longer than the imagefiles supported

I’m sure there is a way to do it. I would check the camera manufacturer to see if there is an app for viewing the raw files. Your files do carry an extension, so I would research online for apps that support that extension. There has to be something available.

Hi @JOAKIM_WERNERSSON - Can you please clarify which raw format you are shooting in? DNG, CR2, RAF?

Hello (again) @JOAKIM_WERNERSSON - I’ve confirmed that Plex on My Passport Wireless Pro actually can show both thumbnail previews as well as full-size previews of your RAW images, without an internet connection.

However, this is a pretty CPU-intensive activity, so it may not be as zippy as viewing JPEGs and JPEG previews.

Here’s what I recommend trying:

  1. Create a “test” folder on your My Passport Wireless Pro.

  2. Set it as a “Photos” library in Plex.

  3. Now, add a few (4 or 5) RAW format photos to that “test” folder. You can use a computer or the My Cloud app to copy/paste these files.

  4. Open up your Plex client on iPad and connect to the My Passport Wireless Pro. Go to the “test” library. You may immediately see the placeholder icons; if so, refresh your view after a few minutes. Do you now see thumbnail previews of your RAW photos?

If you’re seeing thumbnails - great! This might mean that Plex and My Passport Wireless Pro were still processing the RAW images when you tried earlier, and it may not have reached the photos you sampled.

If you’re still not seeing thumbnails - wait a little longer, maybe 20 minutes, then check again. You may also want to go to the Plex web dashboard (via and manually stop updates to any other libraries and only update the library looking at the “test” directory. In my testing today, some RAW formats and resolutions seemed a little faster than others.

Please let us know how it goes! (I have an alternate method as well, but I’d like to get you up and running with using Plex for viewing RAW first :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your response. I have already done exactly as you have described above. Since the cpu-intesive activity it takes a lot of time for plex to process the images. It took a long time for just a few photos and i often import up to 32 gigs of raw-images and i think that it would take a couple of hours for plex to process the thumbnails. But you are absolutely right. I can se the thumbnails after a while if I just put in a couple of photos.

You mentioned that you also had an alternate method?

Glad to hear Plex is generating those RAW thumbnails!

Here’s my method for getting previews of my RAW photos before throwing them into one of my preferred 3rd party apps on iOS: I shoot both JPEG+RAW on the same card.

When the My Passport Wireless Pro imports the card, the folder it creates will by default list the files in such a way that makes it very easy to directly find the RAWs associated with each JPEG that I use as a preview.

Ie, files will be listed in the SD Import folder :
ABC.JPEG (this is what I quickly browse through with the My Cloud app)
ABC.DNG (this is what I send to my post processing app, from the My Cloud app)

Shooting JPEG+RAW eats up a bit more space on the card, which is not optimal. But thankfully the My Passport Wireless Pro has plenty of space to offload and refresh those cards in the field. :wink:

Thanks!!! I Will try that

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@AlexJ_WD My current solution is to shoot raw+(very small low quality) jpeg, for ease of review. But it seems like you could support extracting embedded jpeg previews for the most popular raw formats (canon, nikon, panasonic, sony) to avoid mega cpu crunching on the full files. It also seems like a pretty basic requirement of a “pro” device aimed at photographers…

Hi @alexw - this is great input, thank you!

I don’t know how prohibitively difficult it would be to implement, but if Perl is already installed on the device, it should be relatively straightforward: https://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/64584/whats-the-resolution-of-the-embedded-jpeg-preview-in-a-canon-7d-mkii-raw-image

I think Exiftool’s license is permissive enough to ship in a commercial product, too.

If you preview the jpeg file and decide to delete it will this also delete the associated RAW image as well? I suspect the answer is no but I thought it was worth asking.