Cannon raw storage

has anyone used the my passport wireless for cannon raw picture storage ?

when I import an sd card with cannon raw files it only shows a " ? " on my cloud app with my iPad. When viewing on my computer it shows the thumbnail but when I click on the thumbnail it opens a 1"picture not the full picture I am used to when viewing.  JPEG files open with no problem. I am using Irfanview to open it. any help will be greatly appreciated

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Are you able to normally open your Camera’s RAW files in your iPad?

No  for some reason iPad wont recognize them unless I load them on the iPad with the adapter.

so back to my question…has anyone sucessfully backed up raw files with the " my passport wireless"? Is the drive compatible with raw image files ?  I need to know before I go to Africa and lose my pictures…I still have time to order a different brand and send this one back… Help please

The MPW backup all files from any SD card inserted just fine. The RAW files are there.
But the WD app does not read RAW. Neither does iPad natively. With the camera adapter you can see the JPG that is stored in the RAW. Not the RAW.
Photogenie is an photo editing iPad app (there are others) that can read RAW.