Suggestions please: what are the best tools for reading RAW image files

Hi there. I’ve recently got a WD My Passport Wireless.

My initial impression of it is good. I have a hiccup (support question opened already) with seeing JPG thumbnails but other than that it does exactly what I got it for.

My question is that mostly I don’t shoot JPG I shoot RAW (CR2 as I’m a Canon user).

It would be great to read the drive contents from my iPhone using the embedded JPG thumbnails in the RAW and even (potentially) exporting a JPG on the iPhone and working on it.

Does anyone know if any apps will do that? I’ve yet to try the Lightroom Mobile app but that’s my first thought - I’m asking here in case anyone knows for sure of something that will do it quickly and easily.



I haven’t try this yet. Let’s see if any of the users on the community can share some information about it.

Photogene is one app that works with RAW. But it may boil down to your workflow. If you use Lightroom on your desktop you may want to consider stay with this.

iOS phones and Pads only read certain kinds of files, so your problem is relegated to the device (or app) you are viewing the images on. This is the case with any file not native to iOS and from any source (incl. MPW). Your solution lies in your locating and installing an iOS app for your phone which enables you to access a source (MPW) and view the RAW files stored on it.

Stangen, thanks I shall try Photogene. Mike27oct - yup I know, that’s what I’m asking.

I’ve now tried Lightroom Mobile and chatted to support and confirm that it will only allow view/import of files that are already on the desktop product or are on your Camera Roll. LR Mobile won’t interact with any other sources.

I’ve never set up my NAS to allow me to access files remotely from my home but it is a similar situation. Whether I were using a NAS or a My Passport WiFi it boils down to finding an app which will allow access to a “remote drive” and still read the RAW file formats.

Photogene here I come to see what you do… :smiley: