RAW Images and other initial issues

I am new to the Wireless Pro and am having some issues with the device:

As a test I downloaded both JPE and RAW images from my Canon 5D Mark iv. On my I Pad my Passport Pro seems to able to see my JPEG images but not the RAW images; It is seen on the computer via Lightroom. Similarly, Adobe Bridge reads Passport when connected with a data chord to my computer. The problem is when I am on the road I don’t necessarily want to carry a computer.

  1. On my computer. If I connect the device with a wire, then I can see thumb images when I open up My Passport. I can see both Raw and JPG.

  2. When I connect wirelessly on the home page and try to save a shortcut, then the message I get once I try to extend the download " The server may not exist or is unavailable at this time ( the server is the Passport 5G


Hi Ivan_Whitehall,

It seems that RAW files are not supported to be displayed as a thumbnail on the app:

For the second issue let’s see if other users can provide some knowledge or you can just contact support directly:

RAW photo is not natively supported by the My Cloud and My Passport Wireless. You can use the Open With function to view RAW images via 3rd party apps that supports it.

How do you access the open with function ? Pardon my newbie questions I am leaving for a european trip and bought a wireless pro and a new 12.9 ipad. My objective is to 1. Use the drive to store photos (that seems easy put the sd card in the slot). 2. View the photos to see if I captured the image or need to do a reshoot. I downloaded lightroom mobile as it should be able to open any raw file. I was thinking I should be able to open the picture there and then erase it on the ipad i dont want to gum it up with lots of files thats what the passport is for. It seems this should be feasible but how exactly ?

Here are some screen caps. hope these helps. Make sure you test it out with your card imports before heading out. Have a good trip.

Thank you I will test on Thursday when I get home. When I open in LR will the image be stored on the IPad or is the passport just acting like a cloud that is keeping the image ?

Again thank you for your time.

I believe Lightroom keeps a copy on my iPhone when I tried it as the image was imported into Lightroom. It also gives me options to edit and delete.

Yup, correct! When you import an image to Lightroom, it creates a copy in the Lightroom app.

So once it’s in Lightroom, you don’t need to be connected to My Passport Wireless Pro to edit and share that image. And, if you have a Creative Cloud subscription, you’ll see that image synced to Lightroom for desktop the next time your iPad and computer are connected to the internet!

I’m planning on taking a trip and shooting RAW+jpeg, downloading BOTH to WD Wireless Passport Pro, then transferring ONLY the jpegs to Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. (I’ll keep the RAWs for downloading to Lightroom on my desktop when I return.)

The only way I’ve found to transfer jpegs from the Wireless Passport Pro is to select them, download them, then ONE AT A TIME open in the My Cloud app and transfer to Lightroom Mobile.

While this works, is there perhaps a way to do a batch transfer (e.g. transfer 20 at once to Lightroom Mobile)?