Viewing Photo Thumbnails

I am trying to see downloaded photos in the drive. I can find them, but they only appear as generic JPG icons, not images. These are not RAW files, and I am having the same issue withe the SD cards from all my 3 different Fuji cameras. I have tried every possibility — view all, by date, by folder. I am viewing the contents of the drive using the My Cloud app on an iPhone 6s. It is fairly useless not to be able to confirm actual images, just generic icons. The drive is only a few moths old and when I checked for a firmware update none were listed. Any ideas???

Hello, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application? Are you connected to the passport wireless network? When you open the application and you access a share, you should see a “Photos” icon, is you press it are you able to see the thumbnails?

Tried reinstalling. Connected to WD wireless. Still generic icons. And now it has loaded everything from my iPhone. This thing ■■■■■.

I had the same problem with thumbnails eithe not showing up or taking a long time. I had my WDMPW set to “Battery life” mode in performance settings. Once I set it to “Performance mode” the icons showed up. I was told by support that if you increase the number of images or the MB per image, it will take longer for the MDMPW to render the thumbnails as they are stored on WDMPW and not generated by the My Cloud application on the iPad.