Raw camera file viewing

Hi Guys,
I’m curious to know if MPW will be able to see (camera) raw file formats (.raf, .cr2, etc.) on iPads/iPhones when Apple releases its new iOS this fall. They will be able to see and edit raw files. Will MPW?

Hi, is up to the device to be able to support a particular format, if iOS supports RAW images in their latest iOS then it should show it.

Thank you for the info Iluna.

No problem.

Unfortunately, Raw files can not be seen on iPads and iPhones with iOS 10. WD will have to release a firmware update to enable the viewing of Raw files. I’ve contacted their support team about this and I’ve not received a reply in over a month.

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Hello Jeff,
I’m also trying to view raw files on MPW
Any luck?
It seems there has been no firmware update to support raw files.

The latest Firmware for MPWP and MPW SSD supports most common Raw files. The firmware released just a year or two ago.