Raplacing damaged hard drive in My Book Essential on another?

Hi. At the first sorry for my language but I speak English a little.
I tried replacing damaged hard disk on my My Book Essential 3TB on new WD RED 4TB. But after formatting Windows 10 shows only 3TB capacity (not 4TB).
What I do wrong?

It seems like that bridge or PCB board program for 3TB hard drive.

I would agree with that (firmware on controller PCB limited to 3TB) … if the OP bought a 3rd Party enclosure (which are cheap) that supports 4TB then he/she wouldn’t have a problem.

I agree, but some third party enclosure don’t have option of updating the firmware or software

You can try to use WD firmware updater to flash the bridge with your new hard drive. Maybe that will help the bridge to see a larger drive size.

I bought a 3TB My Book Essential about 5 years ago … in that time i’ve never updated the firmware or used any software with it. I’m just using it as a basic storage and backup hard drive and it works fine without having to ‘update’ it.

I that’s how the OP wants to use his hard drive … then it’ll work fine in a 3rd Party Enclosure,

And maybe it could brick something too.

I wrote technical support in this matter. I received the following answer:

“Please note that the My Book Essential 3TB was meant to be used with the drive inside originally.
As this single bay device is not meant to have an upgraded drive inside it is highly unlikely we will be able to access the remaining 1TB.
As a possible work around you can check in the disk management if you can allocate the remaining 1TB.
How to Partition and Format a WD Drive on Windows and macOS
Incase this does not resolve the issue there is nothing we can do.”

It results from this (and my experience confirms) that I can mount another disk in the case, but up to 3TB maximal capacity.

(sorry I’m using translator :slight_smile: )