New Hard drive not working in old "My Book Essential" external

My “My Book Essential” fell while it was running and it killed the drive,
i took it out of the external enclosure but couldent get it running again.
accepted, moved on,
i bought a new WD 2 TB HDD:
Western Digital Green 2TB SATA3 3.5Inch 64M HDD (WD20EZRX)

so i put this new drive into the “My Book Essential” enclosure and plug it in
with it not able to see the drive, i took it out of the enclosure again and SATA-plug it onto my mainboard
i look in “Disk management” i can see it hasnt been formatted/partitioned, so i do that and put it back into its external case(encolsure)
but after pluging it in again it still wont see it, i can safely remove it, see it in “Disk management”, but i cant format it or do anything with it in disk management
when i try to format/partition the drive while plugged in via USB an error comes up saying its “Write protedcted”
but it works fine through SATA off my mainboard

in conclusion, has ANYONE EVER put a new drive into a “My Book Essential” external HDD enclosure and got it to work of the USB?

The old HDD from the “My Book Essential” was a:
2TB Western Digital Caviar Green SATA3 3.5Inch 64M HDD (WD20EARX)

Hi, sorry to hear that your hard drive got damaged. WD doesn’t support this type of modifications to external hard drives. You should be able to use the WD Green as an external hard drive with a third party external enclosure, please be sure to read the compatibility list to ensure that the external hard drive will work.