Rapid Blue flashing light

Hard drive was working fine yesterday with no problems, Then late last night noticed that the blue light was flashing so thought it was getting an update, woke up this morning to see that it’s still flashing and I can’t access the hard drive at all. The hard drive as only just run out of the 2 year warranty by a month. How many other’s have had the same problem and have you been able to fix it or recover the data on it. I’m not a computer whiz and only know the basic’s

There are a number of past discussions on having a flashing blue LED that can be found using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right). Here are three recent discussions which may have some suggestions.

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Do you think it would be possible to connect MyCloud directly to computer with SATA-USB cable?

One can remove the My Cloud hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure and connect the hard drive to a computer using a spare SATA port or SATA-USB cable. Because the My Cloud hard drive uses Linux partitioning and formatting one would need to use either either a Linux OS or a Linux driver in Windows to access the drive’s contents. A bit more info can be found in a post i made in another recent thread about ways to deal with the blinking blue front LED.