[RAM Upgrade + Installation + Results] - DL4100 (Now maxed at 6GB of RAM)


You had better read what I wrote more carefully – this is NOT the graph I told you about! This is it below. Notice I have 5GB installed (1 GB previous, and 4 GB with added RAM card) You should see 6GB.


I did read what you wrote/typed and thought I performed the suggested action. Thank you for your replies; it answered my question.


You can also get to the same summary by clicking link at the top of the any of the graphs for Network, CPU and RAM.


Plex uses a lot of memory for transcoding. If you have multiple streams that need to be transcoded, you will need more ram. Sorry, just saw how old this message was. :frowning:


Hi, I just install the Hynix (HMT451S6BFR8A-PB Spec: 4GB 204Pin SODIMM PC3L-1280) but seems like device does not recognize the RAM upgrade. Dashboard still shows RAM as 2GB installed. The RAM is brand new, any idea or suggestions? Thanks


RAM must be installed carefully, so reset the card until you are sure it is correctly installed.so all contacts are touching.