Raid1 partitioning on reset mycloud ex2 ultra taking too long

I have a 12TB NAS that I want mirrored using raid1 with some space allocated to spanning. I am having a nightmare getting this unit to work since the early March 2022 firmware update so have done a full factory reset.

How long should I expect this partitioning to take and how do I find a way to monitor progress?

You have placed your topic in the wrong sub-forum. Go back to the Community and look for your device sub forum. See example image below.

[RAID - Wikipedia](RAID - Wikipedia

I don’t see where this should be…the NAS is Mycloud EX2 Ultra. So please guide me to a better forum location. I just need some help.

OS5 My Cloud EX Series

I highlighted yours in yellow, did you check it out? Bennor gave you a link to the sub-forum.

You may want to search the Knowledge Base too for prior topics about RAID.
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