Is this normal - RAID format...for 3 days+

I added four 3TB drives to the EX4 I just bought and decided on RAID 5.  It’s been blinking lights for 3+ days now, I can still access the couple of test files I put on the first drive and there is no way for me to tell how far along the process it is.

I read on the forum some users are changing settings using command line (I think that’s what they called it) but that it voids the warranty.

So far the NAS is a doorstop piece of junk…slow, buggy and unreliable.

Is it normal to take almost 4 days to reformat and set up the RAID structure?

Sorry, you are posting in the wrong forum, this is a My Cloud forum and you need to post in the WD My Cloud EX4 forum.

Are you sure?  It sure LOOKS like the right forum!

…and your link takes me to this exact forum…


The original post was in the wrong forum, I moved it to the EX4 forum.