2 Days to rebuild

Got my new EX4!  :smiley:

Setup 2x4TBs Raided…

Started transfering files, saving valuable space on my HDD…

17 hour transfer time, went to bed and BAM power outage.  Now my EX4 says “Rebuilding  Vol. 1
Time 2928 min”

Sounded long, but i had transfered some GBs and well it is a 4-8 TB volume.  But 2 days!  It’s been rebuilding all day at work already.

I’ve got red flashing and blue flashing for each drive.  Anything to do but just wait it out?

Nope – just wait it out.   RAID rebuild takes a good long while.

But what worries me is that a power failure caused a RAID rebuild.    It normally won’t, unless the initial RAID construction wasn’t complete with the power went out.

I can’t tell you now how many times my 1yr old niece has pushed the “pretty blue button” on my UPS shutting down all of my computer gear – at least a half dozen times in the last month.   Never had a RAID rebuild on ANY of my NASes as a result (and I have three RAID-based NASes on that UPS.)

Yeah, i was thinking that there was an active transfer, and one drive may have had more / different data then the other, and it freaked.  Dashboard says both drives are healthy, just the RAID is borked.  

Erm well it did this morning, now it’s unresponsive.

and timer still says 2928…


Should i just reboot?

After more than 24 hours and no status change, i have held the power button until it said “System is shutting down”… but it seems to be stuck in a loop there also…  Might have to hard reboot soon if no progress.

Good news…

After a hard reboot (removing power cord and replacing) everything seems ok.  Dashboard is working, data is on teh drives.

Bad news, i have no idea if the data is any good :robotfrustrated: