Raid Volume disapeared - Shows 0Tb


I have (or had !!) a 4 X 4Tb disks mounted in one volume. Suddenly, I stopped seeing some data (yesterday) and today the dashboard shows 0Tb.

Disk status shows all 4 disks in “good” condition…however the status leds on the NAS are all 4 solid red !! Already tried to reboot 3 times without success… upon rebooting, I noticed that the drive #3 keeps blinking longer than the other 3 ones, once the NAS starts them up…

Any advice ?? possible solution to recover the data ?? I don’t mind having to reinstall all 4 drives (or change them), but I do mind loosing the data that is already there…


Hi Brazilian_guy,

It seems that RAID may be degraded and due to this, disks are showing red LED notifications. You can try to check the RAID status and manually rebuild the RAID configuration. You can have a look at below article for more details in this concern: