Raid 5 / Volume_1 Expansion?

I just replaced 4x 3TB WD Red Drives (RAID 5 Config, 9Tb usable) with 4x 14TB WD Red and don’t see how to expand? I’d like to expand without copying my data off to another drive. Is there a way to do so without starting over?


I thought I had it worked out but it appears not.
I went thru a RAID 5 Expand process only to find out it didn’t really expand?
WTH? I’m going thru it again now, so we will see in about 2hrs if it worked this time.
Im doubting it will work this time either. REALLY FRUSTRATED.

Fingers Crossed.

I think the long way is to first replace one of the original disks with the larger disk do a raid rebuild then the next disk rebuild and so on

as always step one is to make a backup.

NOW when i did this it was OS3 on a 2 Disk NAS