Question about scheduling scripts to run on My Cloud NAS

Hi! As a short-term workaround to a GoodSync issue I’m currently working with GoodSync support on, I would like to run a script on our My Cloud NAS, which is running the latest version of OS5. Does anyone know if future OS5 upgrades/updates would interfere with my ability to do this? Has anyone done anything like this on their My Cloud NAS?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Tomdkat,

Please refer to the article How to Install GoodSync 3rd Party App on My Cloud:

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I actually have GoodSync installed, on the My Cloud NAS, and I need to run a script, ON the NAS, as a workaround for a GoodSync issue I found. I’m working with GoodSync support on the issue (I have a ticket open that’s been open for close to a month now) but they have yet to provide a solution. In the meantime, if I can get a script to run (getting it scheduled would be even better), then I won’t have to login to the NAS so frequently to deal with the GoodSync issue.

What I don’t want is my script to interfere with OS5 updates that happen automatically.

Would this be possible? Thanks!


For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thanks! Will do.

So, I contacted WD Technical Support and TODAY (March 2, 2022), I received the answer to my question: can I schedule a script to run on the My Cloud NAS without interfering with future OS5 updates/upgrades?

The answer: not supported

So, I’ll have to experiment with this on my own. Western Digital decided to require use of “GoodSync” software, which has a bug in it that neither GoodSync nor Western Digital are willing to do anything about. GoodSync support hasn’t responded to my ticket for well over a month now and Western Digital refuses to do anything to help.

Thank You Western Digital and GoodSync.

So, I have an update for anyone who might be interested. Not only is scheduling scripts not supported, it’s not really possible. Why not? Because both the schedule AND the home directory, where I saved the script, appear to get “reset” daily. I managed to get my script scheduled and the next day, the schedule is gone. So, I figured I could just manually run the script I created and BAM, that was deleted too. The script being deleted might have been after the latest firmware upgrade of the NAS, but still. So, now I’m stuck logged into the NAS, via ssh, DAILY to set the permissions I need so the users can do their work.

I’m tired. lol

Another other option, while not optimal, would be to use one of the OS5 WD GPL source code firmware files to compile your own version of the OS5 firmware for your My Cloud. Using that method you could attempt include your script scheduling in the compiled firmware to possibly overcome the limitation you are experiencing. Unfortunately what you are experiencing was a similar issue in the OS3 v2.x firmware (usually happened when one rebooted their My Cloud).