Purchased Western Digital Sentinel DS5100 @Auction

It has no OS so I was wondering if it has to run Windows Server or could i install something like Proxmox on it, If It has to has Windows Server will the most recent work or do I have to use 2012? Where would I find drivers? Starting to wish I had lost the auction!

I also need to buy the power adapter which I think is Western Digital WDPS056RNN. I do not seem to be able to find this. Does anyone know a supplier? WD wouldnt have some laying around would they?

If you need to get a power supply I think I would cut my losses and forget it.
The box has a license number on it for Storage Server 2012R2 Essentials. Anything else you will have to purchase or steal :slight_smile:

No clue if it supports virtualization/ProxMox might give that a go if you get a power supply.

The Marvel raid drivers and WD OEM stuff is linked below

Thanks Gramps. I never dreamed getting a power adapter would be this hard. I have found two places that show they sell it. just need to get more info on the company reliability.

Yea, thats what I hate about auctions. Get burned about 50% of the time!