Purchased refurbished MyCloud from WD store 6 months ago now it's discontinued?

As the title states, I got an email from WD a few months ago saying they were having a sale on refurbished items so I bought a MyCloud 2tb and it seems it’s one of the models being discontinued.

My question is, Did WD knowingly sell these boxes knowing they were going to discontinue it only a few months later? I feel like I deserve a little more than 20% off on a replacement. I should get discounted the entire purchase price for a compatible model.

I’d love to hear a response from someone at WD about this.

You posted in the My Cloud Home sub-forum. If you own a My Cloud Home they are not being discontinued.

My Cloud OS3 End of Service | Western Digital

Same Happened to me - fortnately I had paperwork and I had registered a Warranty.
After some discussion, they replaced it with a MyCloud Home unit (on a RMA warranty claim)
I actually preferred my old MyCloud unit !!