Time to call it quits for the WD MyCloud

                 As the header states I think it is time to call it quits for the WD MyCloud. I have been looking and investigating in purchasing a Synology 213J as TBFGhost has done. I will purchase another WD 3tb Red HDD and tear the current drive out of the MyCloud and use it in the Synology.

                Since my MyCloud is way past the return stage, and I feel I have given WD enough time to bring the MyCloud to a useable reliable state, I have no other choice left as an option. Considering the week of outage from the WD2GO server, the issue of firmware of modifying users/shares with the last update (see post http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/SMB-Permission-problem-with-new-firmware-update/m-p/694190#M9339 ), and now almost 2 weeks waiting for an OS fix for the Heartbleed OpenSSL issue my device is useless for the purpose for which it was purchased. Add these issues up and this has not been a pleasant experience at all and certainly not what I expected from Western Digital.

                This has been an expensive lesson for me to learn, although the MyCloud is relatively inexpensive as servers are priced. But in our family situation it still was an expense that we could not just purchase without some thought and financial creative manipulations, if you know what I mean. Now purchasing a Synology NAS is an added burden we did not anticipate but the MyCloud is just not working as intended or advertised. I am beyond frustration and hope at this point.

                I want to “Thank” the Members and Staff for the support that has been offered and hopefully along the way I was able to help others.


Hi SectorGZ, sorry to hear of the continued inconvenience you have experienced with the My Cloud. I recommend you to keep in touch with support, I’m sure they can get you a positive resolution to your issue.