Never buy wd my cloud home. wd is the worst

WD is seriously the worst company ever. I bought a WD MyCloud Home 2TB last month. It was working fine until this week when we couldn’t access it remotely. Then a few days ago it wouldn’t let us access it even locally and it just went into fast breathing. Now the hard-drive won’t even turn on. WD support is no help.

WD wants me to PAY to get a replacement sent. $299 that’s supposed to be refunded. This hard-drive has all types of important work related items on it so I still need the current drive to be able to potentially recover my data. They also want me to PAY to get data recovery. THIS IS NOT OK. DO NOT BUY WD PRODUCTS!

the $299 is typically for advanced replacements. This is the way most all consumer electronic companies work. If you want the replacement before you send the defective back then you have to provide a credit card to secure the return. if you do not want to do that you can send the defective to them first and you don’t have to pay the $299.

I can definitely understand that, but with a product that’s built to hold consumer data, you’re basically forced to do the advanced replacement if you want to save any of your data. I understand that products fail, but the thing that gets me so upset is that they seem unable to make it right. I would have no problem sending in my drive if they were going to recover my data and transfer it to the warrantied device (which looking at other posts is refurbished). It just seems that this company who makes data storage devices makes no attempt to protect or save your data. At this point I would rather just not buy a WD product again rather than deal with all this.

Also, if you look at the message boards this type of problem looks to be almost common with these devices.

thanks for the post! i was rally on the fence about buying one after seeing other accounts of wds support staff but now i decided to go a different direction! hope you get your issue resolved!

Yes I have 2 my clouds at 2 locations and when they die I will never buy one again !

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agree with u .never buy !

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In defense of the Home:

Although I have never been a fan of the Home, a relative recently pointed out his 8TB Home he has had for almost a year. I was prepared to hear him gripe about it, but he did the opposite and gave it praise, saying it did what he wanted even though it is not a NAS. When I said not all users feel that way, he said many people do not set it up properly, and expect it to do more than it is designed to do (like be a NAS). It is only a network attached hard drive and it works fine at that task.

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Sometimes i want use it without internet, i thought it update version of my cloud,it is not!!!
i think WD cheat me
My english is not good ,But I still i registered the form to see how the other people use it
Most of the people think its not good
the problem is nobody seem to actually care
now my cloud home nosiy to me ,but i don’t know WHAT is the CPU doing now
How pathetic,i want to cry :frowning:
I bought it, but it doesn’t belong to me
Except unplug and Keep rebooting
who can help me?

Contact WD support. You can choose a different country from this link.

Mine did not survive a week and started to present the same behaviors described by Andy. I had higher expectation for a WD product.

I Have a WD Mycloud Gen …Super slow and useless ?? why they never test first before they sell …

Waste of $$$$ and time .

It’s really too bad western digital does not care to correct the systemic slow transfer speeds of their devices. They throw the issue back on the customer. They have your money, they really don’t care.

My Cloud Home actually works well for something in this entry level price range but those who don’t know how to use it and don’t know its limitations should return it as soon as they can - I know even Amazon sometimes take returns after more than 1 months of use, so get in touch with your retailers and complain. The only concern I have for the MCH is how long the SMR HDD is going to last in the MCH as a OS and network drive and so I have upgraded the HDD to a SSD. The performance is such that I have 5 different NAS including three Synology units, but the storage I used the most is the MCH.

I actually did the test so you don’t have to: