Warranty Return - refurbished unit returned

Think the title says it all.

I have a broken Mycloud 3TB unit that has failed, less than 6 months into purchase.

It was returned under warranty, and today, a replacement unit arrived, marked “recertified”

Normally I would not be so annoyed, but as my dead unit was less that a year old, I would have expected it to be a brand new replacement, and not a second hand one.

Comments anyone ?

this is a common practice of most companies. I doubt if you can do anything about it. Generally they only replace with new if the are out of recertified units

eventually your unit will probably go to someone else

As I mentioned though, I would accept this if the drive was nearing the end of the warranty period, but to have a reconditioned one so soon in makes me feel like I have been short changed !

You are getting a used drive in exchange for a used drive. Would you have preferred they repair yours and send it back in 6-8 weeks?

It is well within the warranty terms to send reconditioned/recertified replacements.

Sometimes you get lucky and get a new one, but it certainly is not an obligationof the company.

Just in the interests of fsairness, WD have been in contact and explained that they are unable to send new units. Further, all “recertified” units are tested to the same specifications as new ones. They have offered me a total refund if I am unhappy. 

I’m happy with the explanation, and will forget the problem.