Public Folder is not public

hey all ,

i have a problem with public folder ,i gave her all permission and still cant reach her via LG TV or Security camera to save records.
few days ago i finished to install a new drive and OS on my “MyCloud”
but the problem was in both , old and current OS.
any advice ?

Hi @sushing,

Please refer to the following article My Cloud OS 5: Unable to Invite Cloud User Share Permissions Error:

hey ,

thank you for the answer .
but when folder use for public , you don’t need to give her any permissions.


I had a similar situation after updating to the latest firmware and puzzled over it for several days. Try this: Go back to the Share Profile screen. Turn off “public” on the slider. Turn it back on. Go up to the account icon at the top of the screen and select “Reboot” so your backup unit will reset. Retry.

Somehow – don’t ask me why – my public share thought it was private, even though the slider said it was public. I just lucked into this. If this wasn’t what fixed it, then the stars must have aligned.

ahhh it didnt work :\

Couple of things:

  1. On the share profile (the one that you posted) I see that both “Mobile and Web Access” and “FTP Access” are set to “on.” Unless you really need one or both, turn them off.

  2. If this share is for “TimeMachine” (that was the one that I was having problems with – all of my other public folders were fine), then there are a host of things to check (and you probably already have): Making sure that “TimeMachine” is set “on” in Settings > General. Also that the same setting under the “Configure” link is set to 100%.

  3. I’ve kinda lost track of everything on PCs since I stopped working (I’m retired) and I live in the Mac world now. If you’re on a Mac it’s always worth going to Application > Utilities > Disk Utility to confirm that the external disk is mounted.

  4. Again, if you’re on a Mac, can you drill down to the folder in Finder – just to confirm to yourself that it’s visible. If you have other folders that are available, you’re probably okay.

  5. Do a reboot of your PC/Mac. Not a restart. Turn that ■■■■■■ off and start over. Reboot the MyCloud before you stop your PC/Mac. Bring everything up fresh.

I have to confess that I was at my wits end too. I just kept kicking tires until something worked. Let us know how it goes.

hey ,

thanks for the answer , it worked for TV .
my camera still cant see the public folder :frowning:

Camera?? Humm… Explain to me how you’re using (maybe I should say “were using”) a camera with the NAS. Writing security video into a loop?

in the camera app you need to select a nas storage , then you select the cloud
and you need to see the Public Folder and select it . then the camera record into the folder like SD card.
it already work few months age , maybe its the OS5 that change it .?

Sushing – I don’t know if you are Mac or PC. A couple of us with Mac M1-Silicon machines are having this problem. If you are not Mac, then it points to some issue within OS5 – particularly with regard to the latest update. WD’s Support is silent and we may be a very small subset of all users. But I do know that something caused public folders to suddenly blown up for a lot of us, in my case on Jan 10 concurrent with the release of OS5 5.19.117. Right now, I have everything back up and running. Don’t know exactly why or what I did – but it did occur after I moved the slider for my public folder for “on” to “off” with MyCloud reboots between each step. Maybe that did something; maybe it didn’t. I’m am old, retired IT guy and HATE not know why something is broken and then is fixed. I do know that I have turned off auto-updates on my MyCloud because I – for one – am going to leave well enough alone now that everything is working again.