Program Like ITunes

Is there a free program that is similar to iTunes that will pull all of my music files from my WD My Cloud and they will all show up within that program? Just like they would in iTunes.

Just like they would in iTunes is a hard requirement, but if you don’t mean the UI and the sorting criteria, Windows Media Player can access the DLNA server of the NAS and display all the music, pictures and videos from there.

I’m just having a tough time with iTunes. I got the latest firmware updated for my WD My Cloud device and it won’t connect to the shared library. The WDMyCloud shows up in iTunes but when I click on it to connect to it, it just doesn’t work. I have no idea how to fix this issue either.

What happens when you select the NAS in iTunes? Note that it will display only music in normal behavior. No video.

It shows up in iTunes, but just doesn’t connect. Sometimes it will act like it’s loading the content from the My Cloud, but never displays the music files in iTunes.