I bought a WD Sentinel DX4000 4x3TB. From starting it was shown capacity 2,93TB. It must be about 9TB. So I update with version but nothing changed. When install RAID control panel I saw this

It looks like RAID is not set correctly, may be, because first start was with 4 HDD not 2 at default. So I take off 2 HDD and start recovery. UNLOCK, RECREATE was ok, but during recovery my computer do not find the Sentinel server. Any suggestions ?

You need to do the recovery with all 4 drives in the box

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Are you shure? When I make UNLOCK and RECREATE RAID with all 4 drives, capacity was the same -  2,93TB .

I cant see your picture so I am not sure what it says.  If you look at your thumb drive in the wd folder you should find the log files where it attempted too set the raid.  Even though it said recreated on the screen, the log file will show it is trying to do raid 5 because that is the info it got from the disc(s).  If you want to recover to 2 drives you will have to put the disc(s) in another box and use diskpart for example to clean the drives of the raid info.

It is much easier to just put the 4 drives back in and recreate/then recover.

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Have no clue why it takes a while for pics to show for me.  Looks like you installed Intel raid stuff.  Don’t do that.  That is not how you manage this.  In fact you do maqnage it at all, you just sit back and watch LOL

Open the dashboard and look in the WD tab for info on the drives and array

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Now is more clear I think :slight_smile: .I Install some RAID stuff to be sure what is happening. What kind of RAID5 is this?

again, I cannot see your picture yet but it is problem just a version mismatch of the intell raid stuff you installed that is causing the problems.  Again, don’t do that, it breaks stuff

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Ok. Try one of these.

 I try recovering with Win7 and it works. So, after a week fighting with this problem (like a Pig with Pumpkin :slight_smile: ) I can share this:

  1. First start must be with 2 HDD. After initial config and setting administrator add new drives.

  2. If RECOVERY is need, do not use Win Vista. It looks ok, but computer with Vista not find the Sentinel server after loading from USB stick.

I hope this to be useful to someone with similar problems :slight_smile:

Again, they key is you must clean the drives if you are trying to recover from raid 5 to raid 1.  It reads the raid config from the drives.

Yes, that is right. Thank you for help.