DX4000 RAID levels on the units

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I know the dx4000 4tb model has 2 tb drives in raid 1 (mirror)

can you tell me what level of raid the dx4000 12Tb model has (is it raid 5?)


Yes, any of the 4-drive models (8TB or 12TB) run in RAID-5, so the effective capacities will be 6TB and 9TB respectively.

thanks for the reply, just one more thing, in the dx4000 4Tb model (with 2X2Tb in raid 1), if I add 2 more drives, can I configure them (the new drives) in raid 1, if so, how, thanks,

Due to the Sentinel being a headless unit, I believe all RAID settings are controlled by WD’s custom BIOS. I don’t believe you have control over the RAID level when adding new internal drives, but having only a 4-drive unit I can’t be 100% sure.

Two drives are Raid 1.  If you add one or more drives it goes to raid 5.  You have no options/control.

I have a 8Tb Sentinel 4 x 2 Tb disks one week ago. Since I started the unit it installed all the OS. After that It began to “repair”  and after it completes the 100% it shows on the monitor that the system is health. After a few minutes, the “repairing” process begins once again and this has been happening all week long.  What can be wrong?. It is any way to have more information from the Sentinel to know what is wrong?.

In case of a bad disk drive, It is possible to take out the bad one and continue working with 3 disks while I bougth a new one to have again the 4 disk slots used?.  NOTE. I have not copied any valuable information to teh disks yet because I´m not sure how to procede with the problem.

Thank you to the community. Forgive my english but this is not my native language. :slight_smile:

Gramps wrote:

Two drives are Raid 1.  If you add one or more drives it goes to raid 5.  You have no options/control.

If you look in the dashboard, WD tab, health it may show which drive is the problem

Thank you for your answer… The dashboard shows no error in any disk… The LCD display shows the IP address and all leds are blue, but after a few minutes the WD Sentinel began the “Repairing” process again. 

As you see in the picture, it status is saludable( Healthy) next it shows El volumen de datos esta bien (Data volume is OK), all 4 disks appear as Normal, but since the begining it shows La unidad no funciona con normalidad (Unit does´t work normally) next to the Normal message.

So the abnormal think is even it appears as normal operation, it begins the Repair process again…

Thanks one more time.

Picture did not show up, but that is ok.  If you can get back to normal again (or even not), I think I would shut it down properly, and open the door and reinsert all of the drives.  Perhaps even plug the power brick in the other hole

Hello Again… 

Now I got this screen…

So… This mean I have to replace the disk number 4?. It´´s is not any way to check it?.

Thank you for your help…

All you can do is shut it down and reinsert the drive.  If it still gives an error get a replacement

Does it go to raid 5 automatically? do you lose any data?

Going from 2 drives to 3 it automatcily converts to raid 5 with no data loss