DX4000 Raid 5 Drives

I purchased a 2x2 version so I looked up the correct drive model numbers and purchased 4 HDS5C4040ALE630 4TB drives and did the factory restore but it will only give me about 6tb of drive space I know they have a 16TB version of this unit so why can’t I get up to 16TB am I missing something here I have checked the drives and they all show OK even install the intel raid software it shows all 4 drives but only 2 are being used by the system and the other 2 are idle any suggestions. George.

I dunno

If I look in the monitor at compatible drives it only shows 2 and 3tb Drives.  But like you I know they have a 4 X 4 version.

You say you have 2 drives idle, but it sounds to me like it is using 2tb from each in a raid 5

When you did the factory recover did you do the midle step, recreate storage?  If you did and still have that thumb drive, look in the wd folder for a log file.  At the end of the file it should say how it laid out the drives

If you look at the list


It says that drive is only compatable with the 16tb version :frowning: