Problem with safepoint creating

I have problem with creating safepoints on my WDMyCloud. Everything was ok for a few months. Afterwards nothing helped to get it to work again. I made system reset, disk format, but nothing helped.

Error code: 1102

Support from WD is awful! Their support form is in internal error after send and phone number for our country is not working!

Thank you for your help.

I had problems creating Safepoints when I first installed My Cloud. I solved the problem by scheduling Safepoint creation at a time that was deemed safe by me. I insured that there were no computer backups taking place during the time I allotted for creation.

Thanks for you response :slight_smile: I have TimeMachine on my Mac. But computer is in sleep mode during the night. Backup is at 3 AM. So there is no backup at this time I hope.