Problem with external access to My book live (MBL). Port forwarding

Hello everybody,

I have a new MBL and i am trying to access from and external ip address our of my internal ethernet.

I have redirected the following ports from my thomson router:

Internal port: 80 to external port 8080 and internal port 443 to external port 8043.

I have put in the navigator my global ip and the correct port and always I receive a message requesting and user/password.

Example: https:\myexternalip:8043

I have try diferents user/password, from router, cloud service, etc. And i can’t connect to MBL.

Can anyone help me ?

What thing I am doing bad?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, you can also try doing remote access by configuring your remote access account. 

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Since you are doing:


It sounds like you are trying to access the dashboard to manage MBL outside the LAN. If that is the case, it is not allowed.

80/443 can be used for remote access to files via the apps, not for dashboard.

Yes, i was trying to access to Dashboard outside the LAN.

Why it is not allowed? It is not possibel to acces outside the LAN? (for example via FTP)

Dahsboard no access from outside LAN. Security I guess… not really sure.

All others yes. FTP, SSH, apps, etc etc…