Private shares

Hello, I purchased a my book live today and am having troubke creating private shares as I don’t want everyone in my home able to access my folders. Whever I make a private share I limit it to my username whicthinh I set up on the portal. When I try to access the the private share it asks for a user name and password but no matter what I put in it won’t work! I have tried my windows login details and the username and password that I set up for the share. Everything else seems to be working ok but this is extremely important. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Does it give you an error message? What OS are you running on your PC?

I have the same issue.  I’m running VISTA Home Basic.  I can access the “Public” folders, but I have no accessibility to the private shares I set up.  No error message, just the standard pop up window asking for a user name and password.  I tried the user name I set up from the dashboard, my laptop log in credentials with no luck.  Appreciate any assist you can provide.  Thanks.