MyBookLive Can't access private shares

I set up a private share and whenever i try to access it from my desktop, which is hardwired to the router, it prompts me for the username and password of the share. Okay, i enter it in and then another window pops up immediately after, all the window says is “Windows Security,” “Connect to MYBOOKLIVE,” gives me a username and password box and shows a picture of a flower, i assumed this was my windows log in information, yet i don’t have a password set on that. I can’t get past this window. I don’t even have to enter the correct username and password for the window to move on to the next window, i can access the private share from all my laptops but not my desktop.

Same problem here!

I tried to uninstall the drive and on attempt to reinstall it says installing the drivers failed. Can’t get it to work.

No drivers are required for Windows to log in.  So don’t let that distract.

I FIXED IT! I reset the drive to factory settings (literally took hours as it says) and went through setup again, now i can access a private share i created! :smileyvery-happy:

I have the same issue. Cant believe factory reset should do the job

I lied… after i reset it it worked fine… but now it’s doing it again… :cry:

EDIT: Seriously the weirdest thing ever, all i did this time was shut the drive off completely from the quick view and then unplugged it and then i plugged it back in and now i can log on again.

I’m having the exact same problem.  Nothing seems to work.  So far, I’m not at all happy with this **bleep** drive.

Same problem here, started after a power outage from hurricane Sandy, I can access my shares remotely or through the WD dashboard but not through Computer/Network/mybooklive/administrator. I tried resetting the drive several times with no luck. The biggest inconvenience is that I can’t access my administrator folder when trying to burn DVD’s, I have to copy the files to my desktop or a local folder and burn from there. I am definitely unhappy with this drive. I’m glad I saved the box, this unit is going right back to Best Buy. I expected a much better product from WD!

I have the opposite problem.  I have set up a private share and assigned one user to have access, no others.  But I can access this share from anywhere - any computer or media player in my house - no username/password prompts required.  I’m thinking they have private share issues.  Kind of a shame for such a basic functionality.

Aaaaargghhh! Does anyone have an answer to this Private shares access userid/password problem? I’ve been struggling for over a month now with trying to login to private shares. I have multiple PCs running Win8, Win7, Vista and XP + iPads. None of the Win machines can access the private shares - yes I have all access privilidges set correctly on MBL and FW MyBookLive 02.32.05-046 : Core F/W. Just want MBL to accept my userid and password. Public share is fine and access is fast. Done the factory reset thing, reboots, complete network reboots etc after changes - no effect. I see there are lots of posts on this issues, but only solutions were to versions more than one year ago which do not seem relevant to latest MBL firmware. If anyone has an MBL working with private shares can you pls let us know what the secret is? What OS’s do you have running? Workgroups/HomeGroups etc?

Jag racer:  I have at least a dozen private shares scattered across three MBLs, and they work fine for me.

try something silly.  Try a VERY simple Username and A very simple password.  Maybe A and B.  see if you can connect to that.

I chganged the operating system to Windows 8 and suddenly I can access those shares again. Must have something to do with Windowsz configurations!

Got the Private Shares working finally. Did it through the iPad!! Logged onto the MBL GUI, deleted all he shares and then added them again and now they also work on the Windows network. Think I still have some funny settings in the Win network still. Have had the MBL streaming SD video well, but now I’m getting continual video freeze and very slow file copies to and from the NAS both using PCs and iPad. Both were streaming fine for a while but I’ve been playing with the network this week and think I’ve messed things-up.  I have Gb LAN I/F PCs and MBL connected to Netgear Gig sw which in turn is connected to TP-Link W8960N ADSL 10/100 router. I thought potential firewall issues.  I use Norton and switched it off for a while, but no better. Router and MBL are set to DHCP and connecting fine. Browsing directories/shares on MBL is quick and snappy, but just file transfers have slowed to a crawl. Any suggestions? I’ll go search the knowledge base again and post this under a new heading if I don’t resolve soon…

I had the same problem. It was solved when I checked “Admin” on “Share Access” for specific private share on the MBL Dashboard.

I thought a private share was accessible to the Admin by default. But when I opened the Shares-section on the Dashboard, I saw Admin was not checked as user. When I checked it, the username/password-problem when accessing the share through windows explorer, was solved.

I’m a complete noob to this stuff. Maybe it had nothing to do with it…but it’s worth trying

Please follow these steps to map private shares:

1-Sign in to Dashboard

2-Click Shares and click on the share you would like to map.

3-Click on the folder next to the trash can.(make sure this folder has been checked under your username under the dashboard users settings.

4-look for the list of folders on the left panel and right click on the folder to map and chose Map Network Drive…

5-before you press finish, make sure you check “Reconnect at logon”. 

Now you are always connected to you Private Drive from you Desk top.

I hope this solves your problem.