Private share not actually private?

Hi, Just got a MBL 2T.

I created two users for me and my wife, with private share respectively. When I uploaded my photos on my iphone with WD photos to my private share, it also showed up in my wife account in her Android with her account in WD photos.

I checked the share setup, I did not check other users for private shares, but the other users all have gray out “all access” in the privilage column.

I am really confused by the private share idea.

Just logon to the server and found that all the photos of two accounts goes to Public\Shared Photos.

So now it is confusing to select where to upload my photos with mobile app…

WD Photos only uses the Public\Shared Pictures path.   It doesn’t access data in private shares.

I copied some photos into my private shares, and it does not show up on my phone.

So what does this **PRIVATE** share do anyway if I can not upload/access on my mobile app?

WD Photos is a tiny part do what the MBL is used for. Its primary function is network storage, not being a photo server…