Private Share Connection from Windows


Not sure whay this does not work ,I don’t want my personal docs in the public share, so I set up a private share and gave access to the required users but even after trying multiple mapping of drives and removing them using net delete still nothing works.

In addition, the wd photos app does not seem to have settings for the auto upload so it immediately makes them public! VERY SECURE !!

Up untill this point I was very happy with the product but surprised how such simple tasks are seemingly impossible. It should not be this tricky!

Any help will be gratelfully received

INFO: WIn 7 & WD EX4


Please bear in mind the Public Share will always be a Public Share and will grant access even if you assigned specific User Permissions for other Shares.

You are able to create an account for “Mike” and an account for “Megan” and prevent Mike from accessing a dedicated share created just for Megan while Megan can access both, but both Mike and Megan will be able to access the Public Share. If this is a concern then I would recommend leaving the Public Share empty.

At this moment WD Photos only works with the Public Share. It does not support Private Shares. The WD My Cloud app on the other hand does use dedicated User Permissions and Shares for privacy.

Thanks for the answer but the response was not to the issue I was having. The issue has now resolved itself (on it’s own) . The issue was that the private share was not accessible via win explorer. The drive was not accessible, although it was with the same account on wdmycloud.

The WD Photos seperate issue is a huge flaw in the software! Why do you have the 4 digit security on the wdmycloud software and not on the photos. Both have the ability to delete the data and you don’t want the whole world seeing uploaded photos. I have checked the forums and this is requested soooo many times. Why do your devs not listen to customer feedback???  CRAZY.

Thanks anyway