Private shares

I have 3 shares; music, movies, and pictures.  The Music and Movies are public shares as I allow some friends access to them via wd2go.  The Pictures I have as private and admin is set for “no password”.

The problem I’m having is that xbmc cannot access the picture share on my home network…I imagine because it is set to private, however there is no password.  I see the share, but clicking on it does nothing.  

I have tried making it public, but then I cannot keep the share from the users I granted access to on WD2GO.


Copy the pictures that you want to share in the shared pictures folder. 

Unless I’ve mis-read the original post he doesn’t want to share pictures, quite the opposite in fact.

Shares don’t have passwords.

USERS have passwords.

If you’re allowing a user to access a private share, the user should have a password assigned.

Doesn’t make sense otherwise, as a private share without a password really isn’t private.  :)

EDIT:  To put more of a point on it, the MBL will allow you to associate a password-less user to any private share.

WINDOWS allows the login to such a share with only a username and blank password.

Apple (via AFP) does not.

I have no idea what XBMC expects.

When i set the admin to have no password, and create a private share…windows asks for a password when i try to open it…that is the problem.  Making a share private is the only way that i’ve found to no allow another user to see the folders.

Why wouldn’t MBL allow “certain” public share to be shared…the way it is now, private shares are private to the whole household…where I only want them private from other users.