Printer/scanner can't write to a server folder on the DX4000

Greetings All,

We have a Ricoh MFP we use in our office, and one of the things we use it for is scanning documents to one of the Server Folders on the DX4000, which is running Windows Storage Server 2008.

The users perform a scan, then select a directory on the DX4000 to scan to (there are 4), then hit “send”.

They go back to their Windows PCs, navigate to the scan folder on the DX4000, and then retrieve/view the document.

The problem is, I can only get the Ricoh MFP to scan with the Guest account active on the DX4000.

I want to completely disable the Guest account on the DX4000, but can’t because of this issue.

I’ve setup a user on the DX4000 through the Dashboard called “Scanner”, and given it read/write permissions to the scan folders on the DX4000.

On the Ricoh side, I’ve entered in the “Scanner” username / password in the Ricoh configuration, and when I test the connection to see if it can authenticate to the DX4000 using the “Scanner” account, it will not connect and says “connection failed”. I’m supplying a screenshot of the Ricoh config page to see if anybody here can make heads or tails out this:

Thanks for any help or insights with this!

Silly question, but are the password on the Ricoh and the DX4000 identical?

Did you try creating a user on a standard PC to see whether the access to the scanner folder works?

Thanks for responding DTMtech!

There isn’t a user account or password on the Ricoh…

I created a user named “Scanner” with a simple password through the DX4000 Dashboard, and gave it read/write access to the FileShare\Scans directory on the DX4000.

I then went into the Ricoh configuration (the image I posted in the 1st post of this thread), and added the “Scanner” user name and password (from the DX4000), so it would be able to write to the FileShare\Scans folder.

The Ricoh has a “test authentication” feature right on the printer’s control panel, and when you try and access the Fileshare\Scans folder with the “Scanner” username and password, the Ricoh says “cannot connect”

If I go back in the Ricoh config and delete the folder authentication option, it will scan without issue.

From what I can tell, it appears to be a permissions issue on the DX4000.

Perhaps the DX4000 can’t use SMB to authenticate, or what am I missing here.

A Ricoh certified tech was here a few days ago, and he has no clue.

Of course I meant that you set the password on the Ricoh menu, we have two of those in our office. Before assuming this is an issue of the printer I would try creating the user on a standard workstation and see whether the access to the scanner folder on the DX4000 works or not.

You might also check


The only change you made on the copier is the very top dot fill in vs none?
Did you change the path or is it the same as when the guest account was enabled?
Did you use the dashboard to create the folder?
Is the box joined to a domain?
you might try username as servername\scanner if it is workgroup
as @DTMtech said try to connect from a pc or just use a user that works from a pc in the copier

Really appreciate the replies here, guys, but I apologize that I don’t really understand the suggestions given.

It’s not joined to a domain. The FileShare folder was created through the Dashboard when I setup the DX4000 back in 2013…Yes, the Guest account was active on the DX4000 when I created it and the other sub directories such as “Scan”.

All user level clients setup on the DX4000 have read/write access to the Fileshare directory on the DX4000, and can access everything whilst logged in to the DX4000 using the Launchpad connector app and their own passwords.

Forgive me if I am repeating myself here, but if I disable the Guest account on the DX4000 through the Dashboard, the Ricoh scanner will not write new scans to the FileShare folder or it’s sub directories. Everything else on the DX4000 works.

I don’t think the problem lies with the Ricoh, but rather with permissions on the DX4000.

can any user write anywhere on The DX with the guest account off?

Gramps: yes.

and the path is the same it has not changed?
If you got to the dashboard and select users>scanner, scanner has read/write to the share? User scanner password has no spaces or special characters in it?
also try \server_IP\fileshare\scans


The path has stayed the same, and I am using \server_IP\fileshare\scans (you can see in the first Ricoh screenshot I posted - I blanked out the IP address with a gray box)

The “scanner” user I setup in the DX4000 Dashboard has read/write access to the FileShare directory - and the password was simply “scanner” to keep it easy until I found out that it works.

Really stumped on this one