Certain users can't access the DX4000 shared folders?

I am sharing a folder on my DX4000.  I gave a group of the domain users from my domain Read/Write access to the shared folder.  The group contains about 22 users.

Most of the domain users in that group have no problems accessing the shared folder.

Two of the domain users are being asked for a username and password, and even if they enter the correct domain username and password, they can’t access the shared folder.  None of the other users get the password prompt.  Only the two “problem” users.  There were 3 problem users this morning, but suddenly, one of the three gained access.  This is a new installation.  The DX4000 device is up to date with Windows Updates and firmware updates.

It’s a simple network, everyone is on the same segment.  IP addresses, gateway, DNS, etc. all look good.

Suggestions?  TIA!

No clue

Working on an aswer

In the mean time reboot the DX

This fixed itself over a couple days.  At first, some clients can’t access the shared folders, then after a few hours, they can.