"Preparing to copy" takes exceedingly long (Mac)

Copying also seems to be taking longer but even for (<20Mb) small files, it takes forever on the “Preparing to copy.” At least with copying, I can see progress. Additionally, with copying, as I see progress, it seems to get stuck on the last “5 seconds remaining …” for 10 or more minutes. I am running latest El Capitan and the latest firmware for my WD device. On a pretty solid home WiFi network that I recently upgraded via an Archer C7 router. I’ve reached out and spoke to a tier 1 support person and they’ve escalated to tier 2, but I wanted to see if the community has any insight before I get on the phone to occupy the rep’s time. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks in advance,


Others are reporting issues with El Capitan with the My Cloud. Do you have another computer (non El Capitan) that you can test with to see if the copy problem is confined to just that one Mac?


Also take a look at the following thread which may provide some additional help.


Thanks for these posts Bennor. I’ll look into the El Cap issues. I have another startup disk running whatever was before (Yosemite? Maverick? Half Dome? Yellowstone??? :wink:) When I get a chance, maybe I’ll try looking into that. For the longer post about copying speeds and so on, that’s another thing altogether. Yes I am sending the files via home WiFi, not LAN cable, but other services work fine on the network. To be continued…but thanks.