Hello my cloud connection problems need help

2 questions. at first my system is OS X, cable is cat5e and router is R8000.

1.my download speed of my cloud is only around 35mb/s, but I’m using 1000m cable and router

2.many times i can’t connect to my cloud, and need to reconnect to the network to get connection with my cloud

the pic may can explain the problem. any one knows how to solve these plz help me.


There are many factors that affect the copying speed to and from the My Cloud. See the following link for a brief discussion on the various issues.


Did your Mac update to El Capitan‎ recently? If so there is some sort of bug in that Apple update that is causing problems with My Cloud access and file copying. Use the search feature of this subforum (magnifying glass in upper right) and you’ll see the Mac/El Capitan‎ issue discussed in numerous threads.