PR4100 Time Machine backup issues with Apple

I have used a PR4100 for remote Apple TimeMachine backups for a number of months but recently I have started to get fairly regular messages indicating that the TimeMachine back integrity means that a new TimeMachine backup is required. This means that the history file in TimeMachine is recreated and the backup history/restore is lost.

My Apple operating system is 10.14.5.
Any ideas what to do to stop the above happening?

I keep getting Time machine Failures recently as well… .195 firmware or Catalina? On other occasions my PR4100 is unreachable from my Mac but Plex is fine.

I get the same messages regarding Time Machine with my 4100 PRO. We have 3 macs in the house backing up to it, and all got the error at least once. My main machine (OS 10.14.6) has required a reset/rebuild 3-4 times. I thought the problem was the NAS going to sleep so I turned off power-saving mode, but still get the rare error.

I have the PR4100 Setup in my non profit and have about 18 users backing up to it using Time Machine. The users are receiving lots of different error messages:

  • integrity issues

  • time machine backup failed

  • time machine could not complete the backup. an error occurred while copying files.

  • Once a user was asked if they want to inherit another users backup??!!

I use to have the 4 TB My Cloud Mirror and was receiving these errors and thought it was a space issue so I purchased the larger NAS. Not the issue! All mac are running OS 10.13 or 10.14

Any advise?

I’m having a similar issue with my PR4100 Pro. But for me, Time Machine never completes a backup, it gets to about 460GB, slows dramatically, then just stops. Has anyone had a solution?

I have the same problem with my new PR2100. This issue has been going on for years and is quite prevalent in user forums everywhere, yet I’ve never seen one response from WD about this anywhere. They advertise and supposedly provide the capability to backup Macs using TimeMachine. Yet apparently they either don’t read these forums, or don’t care, or don’t have a solution and don’t want to admit it. They either need to stop offering and advertising this capability, or tell us how to fix this. This is frustrating and ridiculous.

I had this once… Sometimes this is a Virus Checker problem. (free) Anti Virus programs tend to check all outgoing traffic to the NAS, which is of course not necessary. Search if you can switch that off or exclude the NAS from being checked.