Pr4100 shows 0kB

I was just happy about the last 4TB WD Red Plus and immediately installed the Raid 10 over the 4 same disks, the backup should of course also be made by the system itself…
Then I dumped all the picture stuff from the last decades on it and diligently deleted it.
So far so good.

Now the volume seems to have logged off, on the OS5 surface there are now 0kB.

I have no more shares (there is no volume there) and everything seems to be gone. Recreating the RAID/volume requires formatting

The WD site is no help, even if I can get it on the PR4100 with the SSH tool, the images in the manual don’t match my display…

Can anyone help/ I’ve started a request for help on the WD site, does anyone have any experience with this.

Thank you in advance!

WD PR400 Pro
Firmware 5.26.119
3x 4TB WD Red plus
1x 4TB WD purple
1 volume 7.84 TB, RAID 10 (well until noon today…)

Thx Google for translation the german text…

Self-solved problem…
The encryption has locked the volume!
Why this can happen, can certainly clarify WD!

Moral of the story: Be wary of encrypted volumes :slight_smile: