Upgraded to OS5 on pr4100. Froze after trying to copy files to it. Raid 10 array dropped

Is there any one here who might be able to assist in a RAID 10 rebuild?? The unit was upgraded to OS5 a couple of days ago. It hung when copying some files to it (which has never happened before). Had to hold power button down to to get it to shut down. Restarted it, and all drive lights were red. Webui shows there isn’t a raid set. SSH shows the same. Drives are healthy. I’ve been very careful to not do ANYTHING to potentially mess the RAID config up. Any ideas?

It seems as though my best best may be puling the drives out of the unit and trying to rebuild them there. If so, I’d like to be REALLY careful in doing so. I’ve had some back and forth with an WD tech online. Really respectful individual, who after many interactions seemed to want to contact customer support. I’m concerned that they might not be as good as this tech was… any ideas?