PR4100 RAM upgrade with 1333 DDR3

I have a diskless PR4100 arriving tomorrow and four 4TB drives ready; I also remembered that the Mac Mini I just retired uses the same DIMM format, so I checked, and have 16G on hand.

Unfortunately, it’s 1333MHz. I think the OEM ram is 1600MHz, but the WD manual doesn’t actually indicate a requirement in the memory upgrade section.

Presuming it all works, would I be better off with 16G of slightly slower memory or the original 4G of 1600MHz memory?

I’m also curious when I install it if it will slow the memory bus down to 1333 or overclock the ram up to 1600? I know very little about the PR4100 hardware.


PS: I also just noticed this is not the L memory, so what happens if I don’t use low power memory? Obviously this isn’t the recommended approach, but they’re free!

I suggest you start with the original RAM.
If you ever get to the situation where you start swapping or have less than 100 MB free memory, consider the rebuild.
If you don’t know how to check if your memory is swapping, I can already assure you it is not swapping: 4GB is plenty enough for the use cases this box is made for (serving media).

Officially the low power memory is backwards compatible with normal power memory, but this is a not a standard motherboard so it’s not tested / guaranteed.