PR4100: Can't log on with SSH anymore


Ever since i bought the NAS i have been using SSH.

But suddenly today I couldn’t log on with any of my users.

I get the message “Access denied” with all my users

I have tried changing the password and turning SSH on and off from the MyCloud GUI.

I have tried restarting the NAS.

I have the newest firmware installed.

Putty and WinSCP can see the NAS and find the users, but won’t accept my passwords.

Can anybody help?

Are you using the username “sshd” to log in, or did you previously customize the config file to allow other users?

I always use root, not sure other users had access before.

“root” is no longer exposed to end user ssh login.
“sshd” is an alias for root and can be used.

Thanks for the info.

Why the change though?