Can't login via SSH


I can’t connect to the NAS via SSH since yesterday.
This is not a problem with the password or with incorrect access. After connecting through Putty, I enter the password for root @ host and receive the message “Access denied”.
I can log in to the NAS via a web interface. I tried restarting the device, disabling SSH and enabling again and changing the password. Nothing helped.
Yesterday I added the option to log in with a private key. Everything worked fine. However, it hasn’t been working since the morning.

My firmware version is 2.31.195.

Please help.

Hi @kakanadu,

check this one: Unable to set root password using version 2.31.195 for EX2 Ultra

ssh sshd@ip

Yes. I just found it in manual :slight_smile:

I had the same question. Thank you, it worked