PR4100 Added 2 drives raid change issue

I have the PR4100 and started with 2 - 3TB drives knowing I would add drives in the future. I have now purchased and installed 2 - 6TB drives. I want to change my Raid type from Raid1 to Raid10. I have backed up my data, knowing it would be erased. However, when I start the Raid change, the system shows that Drives 1 & 2 will be Raid10 and Drives 3 & 4 will be Spanning. Am I not able to make all drives Raid10 because the 2 sets are not the same size? I want all drives to be data redundant and I do not want to have to manage them as individual volumes. I appreciate the insight of the community.

I found my answer. Raid 10 only works when all drives are the same size. I will have to change to Raid 10 after I upgrade the smaller drives at a later date.