Expanding PR4100 storage

I have just added a new second 14TB drive and the 1st 10TB is now at 95% so the alert light on my PR4100 is red. Is it possible to change the red light to blue now that there is an additional 14TB ?

Also now that I have two Jbod volumns, on the Mycloud dashboard it has combined the 300GB remain from my 10TB to the 14TB, so 14.3TB is shown, which is what I wanted. Is this similar to expanding the 10TB which I thought wasn’t possible when using two drives without losing data?

If I were to add say a file which was 500GB would that fill the 1st 10TB first before continuing to write the remainder to the 14TB ?

Is it possible to add files from the 10TB to the 14TB to get rid of that red light if it cannot be changed back to blue?


Thank you for your explanation. I am now in the process of configuring the 14TB volume and will move 250GB of files onto that drive from the 10TB and will then map the new drive.